Passed my driving test with A+ drivingschool. Superb lessons and excellent teaching . I thank Pat Kandiah for helping me in all my lessons. Passed on my 1st practical test . Couldn't do it with out Pat. I recommend Go A+ Driving for all new driver learners.

wonderful experience. I learned a lot IN-CLASS & IN-CAR THANKS!!!!! A+

Your method of teaching was very effective. You have taught me a lot of tricks, and ways of remembering important rules. I truly believe that your lessons has enhanced my knowledge and background of basic driving. Thank you Pat!!

The sessions have been very informative. The movie presentations were very useful in emphasizing the realities of driving and the situations often encountered while driving. In addition to the movies, showing graphic slides of actual accidents and injuries sustained by drivers and passengers, are very helpful in bringing awareness to teenage drivers about dangerous and careless driving.

The selected videos were well-chosen and portrayed important messages to new drivers. Your method of teaching (ie. using the whiteboard and speaking) was very effective. You made your topics very interesting and captures everyone's attention by presenting visual aids. You are a very good teacher, Pat!!

Hey Pat, I really enjoyed this classroom course! I truly believe that it has provided me with a good knowledge/background of driving basics. I really liked how you showed videos to enhance our learning of taking care of ourselves as well as the car too... I look forward to learning the "in-car" part with you, too! Great Work!!

Being in this classroom was a wonderful experience. I learned a lot and I know I can take a lot of the things I learned and apply them to my everyday life in the future. The atmosphere and the way of getting things across to each and every student is very friendly & enjoyable. Thank you for all your help.